Free download MCRS (Multi-Channel Sound Recording System)

MCRS (Multi-Channel Sound Recording System)

Abyssmedia Multi-Channel Sound Recording System (MCRS) designed for recording audio
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1 August 2012

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If you are an amateur musician or an Internet radio enthusiast and use your PC extensively for recording purposes, probably you are well aware of how the webspace today is full of software that allow you to record and store digital as well as analog audio from various sources into your hard drive. However, a closer look at some of these software will give you a fair bit of hint that an overwhelming chunk of these applications are actually designed to record from just one source at a time. For example, if you want to use the line-in as the source, let’s say for recording an incoming phone call, you can not use other sources such as mic-in and stereo mix at the same time, until the already-running recording is stopped and the “source” option is manually altered. However, MCRS (Multi-Channel Sound Recording System) is one software that is totally immune from such drawbacks, and hence can be termed as an essential product for all those who regularly use their PCs as a recording platform.

MCRS is blessed with an average looking interface that may not be visually too appealing, but it does offer you the ease-of-use with little or no complicated aspects whatsoever. As already mentioned, the new software is capable of recording audio from multiple sources automatically and simultaneously. It comes equipped with the ability to record up to 16 channels without compromising with the audio quality whatsoever. However, those are not the only highlighting aspects of the program as it also allows you save on hard drive space by deploying advanced audio compression as well as VAM (voice activation mode) features. Being a multipurpose tool, it allows you to monitor phone lines, record conference call, internet radio or other streaming audio and so on. The price could have been a little lowered though, especially considering the mammoth-amount of free recording software available out there in the market.

Due to its extensive set of features and high reliability, MCRS (Multi-Channel Sound Recording System) deserves no less than a score of four-and-a-half rating points on the scale of five.

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Abyssmedia Multi-Channel Sound Recording System (MCRS) designed for recording audio infromation from multiple sources simultaneously and automatically. The sound recording software can record up to 16 channels and compress records for archiving. Voice Activation Mode and andvanced audio compression allows you to save free space on the hard drive. It can be used for Conference recordings, Telephone line monitoring, Radio station logging and Other specialized applications.
MCRS (Multi-Channel Sound Recording System)
MCRS (Multi-Channel Sound Recording System)
Version 3.6
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